Our Primary school is an exciting and dynamic environment where students engage in their learning journey in deep and meaningful ways.

Quality direct instruction is a launchpad for our learning adventures. Project Based Learning (PBL) is foundational at Toronto Adventist School, empowering students to engage with and respond to the world around them and the questions within them.

Our learning takes us beyond traditional pedagogies. We value people and places as essential sources of knowledge – we learn from the land and we learn from each other. Most of all, we learn by doing. We celebrate our students’ efforts and discovery by showcasing and exhibiting their projects beyond our classroom walls, such as through our media production ‘Toronto Campus News’.

Learning together is central to the TAS experience, and is a unique strength of our school. Our students learn collaboratively and also have opportunities to worship together, read together, garden together, and play together. Multi-grade experiences are invaluable in strengthening compassion and empathy, social skills, and healthy relationships. Senior students have unique opportunities to become mentors and leaders.

Our curriculum includes the six Key Learning Areas (KLAs) from NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority). These areas are:

English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History and Geography, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, and Creative Arts as well as Biblical Studies and Garden Time.

Biblical Studies
At Toronto Adventist School students participate in Biblical Studies lessons. 

The primary purpose of the School’s Bible Curriculum is for students to have a personal relationship with God and to respond to His invitation to live out of the overflow of this relationship — to understand the truths of the Bible, respond to Christ’s invitation to live in a lifelong vibrant relationship with Him, and be passionate about the salvation of others. 

Our Bible curriculum is intentional about using the classroom context to help build this meaningful, lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ, using the Bible as a source of Truth. To this end, our Bible curriculum explores big-picture Biblical concepts with the goal of making a difference of eternity.

Nature-based Program
Toronto Adventist School is located in a beautiful bushland setting with a large garden space and outdoor learning areas. We believe that spending time in nature optimises growth and development – so maximising time outside is of utmost importance in our daily routines. Our environment offers endless learning and teaching opportunities.

Students participate in Garden Time lessons and these may involve planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, preparing market garden orders, and learning about animals that fulfil an important role in a garden setting such as worms and chickens.

In addition to Garden Time, students engage in nature-based lessons throughout the week covering many other areas of the curriculum. English lessons may involve nature journaling and Maths lessons may involve measuring activities in the outdoors. The world truly is our classroom!

Toronto Campus News Program
Students at Toronto Adventist School are at the forefront of 21st century learning using information and communication technology in a creative and innovative way. Students are involved in producing the School’s news, focusing on reporting about student learning.

Students have responsibilities which contribute to the production of the news. These roles include script-writer, reporter, news anchor, communications director, stage manager, camera operator, wardrobe assistant, teleprompter, sound technician, and post movie editor. Students need to apply for their choice of job in writing and they are interviewed for a position before being assigned a role.

Collaboration is a key element in the School’s news program and the students are an integral part of a team. They select and write stories for the news. Students then type their scripts into a running sheet that is uploaded onto an iPad and used in front of the camera as part of the teleprompter. The students use a green screen to create a virtual newsroom. Student lighting specialists and sound engineers make the news production smooth and efficient. The news production is then edited before being shared.

Our news program connects learners with real life, while exhibiting student projects and sharing the faith and values of the School with the community.

Music Program
Toronto Adventist School offers a vibrant Music program. Students learn to express themselves musically, dramatically and through movement.

Students have the opportunity to learn how to play a variety of instruments, develop music reading skills, sing songs in a variety of styles and cultures, respond to music through movement and take part in dramatic activities. We believe that these activities encourage students to:

  • engage with their creative minds
  • work as a team
  • develop the ability to think critically
  • make connections with the world and its cultural influences, and
  • develop confidence and motivation

A highlight of the school calendar is the musical — every second year students have the opportunity to perform, using their skills and love of music, movement and drama, to an audience of family and friends. 

Creative Arts is valued at Toronto Adventist School, not only because of the intrinsic joy connecting with the Arts can bring, but also because of the impact involvement in this learning area can have on maths, reading, cognitive ability and verbal skills.

Service Projects
Toronto Adventist School is committed to creating a culture of service through our values programs, hands-on projects, and daily routines. We honour Jesus by engaging with and listening to the needs around us, and then finding meaningful ways to partner with our community.

We believe that our students are most engaged when they connect their hands and heads and hearts, and we believe that our students can make a difference in this world. Students have designed and implemented a nationwide ‘Sowing Seeds of Kindness’ project, and we are proud of our ongoing penpal program, partnering with a local aged care facility, and our book mark program which shares the Word of God with others.

Learning Support
Learning Support staff and classroom teachers work alongside each other to cater for students who require additional support to access the curriculum. Learning plans are tailored to support each student’s individual needs.

Enrichment and Extension Program
At Toronto Adventist School we recognise that each student learns in their own unique way and at different rates. Personalised learning plans are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of high potential and gifted students. Adjustments may be made to what is being taught, how the instruction is delivered and the learning environment, to cater for each student’s talents and sustain their zest for learning.