Kids Reading Bible


“A society’s competitive advantage will not come from how well its schools teach the multiplication and periodic tables, but from how well they stimulate imagination and creativity.” Albert Einstein

The primary school curriculum is designed to equip students with highly developed skills in literacy and numeracy. We adhere to the NESA outcomes as do all schools. However, we go beyond these outcomes to ensure learning is challenging and engaging. At Toronto Adventist School we aim to foster creativity of thought and practice. Students are encouraged to step out and experiment. Mistakes are presented as stepping stones to success. Students at Toronto Adventist School are given transferrable skills that assist them to be strong and resilient learners. The joy of learning is contagious, and our teachers are passionate about providing learning experiences that spark the imagination and develop critical thinking skills.

 The Bible is a deep and inspired work of literature. The study of this book as a literary work and a personal window to a successful and hope filled life, broadens understanding, and sharpens the mind. Students are given the opportunity to increase their skills in comprehension and higher order thinking in the study of this work.

Research shows that the performance of music has intellectual benefits that bound over the borders of this discipline to provide benefit in mathematical thinking and an increase in intelligence. Toronto Adventist School has a strong focus on the Creative Arts with Music and Performing Arts providing the opportunity for students to become articulate and confident learners.

A horticultural program is beneficial in building responsibility, and a strong work ethic. The joy of propagation and the springing forth of new life gives the opportunity to study science and admire the Creator.

Units of study in the primary school range from such things as setting up a business in Kids’ Kitchen to running a hospital where students take on the roles of doctors, nurses, patients, paramedics, and pharmacists. This immersive learning pushes the boundaries of knowledge and increases independence and critical thinking. It makes learning memorable and inspiring.

Performing Arts

“Engagement with music is positively associated with academic performance, above and beyond a range of demographic and socio-economic covariates.” (1)

 Our school offers a vibrant music program run by our talented and passionate music teacher. Students are introduced to a strings program in pre-kindy and gain expertise throughout their primary school years. The school has an out of hours string ensemble and private music tutors are available to teach a variety of instruments. All students participate in the school choir and have the opportunity to perform in a variety of public arenas.

Drama is integrated into the curriculum and provides a memorable and enjoyable support to learning activities.

Toronto Adventist School values the Performing Arts, not just as an addition to an already engaging program, but as an integral contributor to cognitive development.

 (1) Levsteck,M; Elliot,D; & Benarjee,R (2023) Music always helps: Associations of music subject choices with academic achievement in secondary education. British Educational Research Journal.



Students at Toronto Adventist School get excited when they see the seeds they have planted pushing their way through the soil and stretching their tiny bright green leaves up to catch the sunlight. There is something calming and satisfying about working in the garden. Research shows that gardening is good for mental health and beneficial for fine motor control. Muscles are strengthened with the bending stretching and lifting as weeds are removed and spades turn over the moist soil. Some studies indicate that there are benefits for retention and the development of short-term memory.

There is an abundance of science to discover in the garden. Students learn about soil, germination, pricking out, propagation, transplanting, companion planting and pest control. Life’s lessons are also plentiful. Patience, tenacity, and dedication are required to keep a veggie garden flourishing. There are mini beasts everywhere and sorting out which ones are beneficial, and which are destructive is a lot of fun.

The horticulture program at Toronto Adventist School is well supported by members of the community who are happy to impart their wisdom and experience to the students.

Health and Fitness

Health and wellbeing are of paramount importance at Toronto Adventist School.

We understand that emotional and physical health and fitness are strongly connected to academic success and fulfilment in life. At Toronto Adventist School we want our students to clearly understand the effect of lifestyle choices and to be empowered to make intelligent decisions. Students learn about the way the human body functions and participate in the renowned ‘Live More Happy Program’ designed by Dr. Darren Morton.


“The whole body is designed for action, and unless the physical powers are kept in health by active exercise, the mental powers cannot long be used to their highest capacity” (EG White Education, p. 207)

Students at our school experience the joy of using their talents to serve others.