Kids Reading Bible


Our Pre-Kindy program is an excellent introduction to school - and a whole lot of fun!

Pre-Kindy students quickly become part of our school family, and benefit from being involved in whole school routines such as Chapel services, gardening, recess and lunch time play.

Students experience a variety of open-ended and structured activities, created to be flexible enough to cater for individual needs while helping them to adjust comfortably to the school environment. We appreciate that growth and learning happen differently for everyone, and that this stepping-stone to school is an important time of transition for families.

We foster an encouraging atmosphere, a peaceful pace, and calm spaces, so that growth is neither hindered nor hurried. Our holistic approach aims to offer students a learning journey that is positive, memorable, and prepares them for success in Kindergarten.

Our thoughtfully and expertly designed program includes: 

  • A strong Christian values program.
  • Weekly Chapel programs with the whole school.
  • Bible stories that encourage compassion for others, and a growing relationship with Jesus.
  • Participation in our gardening program.
  • Involvement in sports program.
  • Play-based approach to initial reading, writing and maths skills.
  • An engaging music program with an introduction to strings.
  • A variety of learning activities to strengthen gross and fine motor skills, to foster
    imaginative play, to allow for creative expression, and to encourage a love of learning.
  • Gentle practice of school routines to develop responsibility and independence at school.