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Parent Information

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Parent Code of Conduct

Toronto Adventist School is in the business of educating students to be responsible compassionate citizens with integrity and initiative; students who stand for right despite pressures or obstacles, students who look beyond themselves to the interests and welfare of others, students who are passionate about spreading the good news of salvation and living with optimism and purpose.

When the home is aligned with the goals of the school, optimum opportunity is provided for students to reach their potential as sons and daughters of God.

Ethical Conduct
Parents play a key role in the education of their children and as such will be keen to act in the best interests of students, their families, and the school community. The school values its diverse community and is keen for positive relationships to be established to create a warm, supportive, and harmonious environment.

Parents are students most significant role models. Accordingly, the School expects a high standard of personal conduct from parents when they are on school grounds, attending events or communicating with staff or other students. Parental support of the school’s goals, and enthusiasm for its mission is infectious and highly valued by the school.

Partners in Education
The education of students is a partnership between the home, the school, and the faith community.
Parents play a vital supportive role by:

  • showing an active interest in their child’s schoolwork and progress,
  • communicating regularly with the school,
  • ensuring their child is neat and dressed appropriately in school uniform,
  • ensuring their child attends school regularly and on time,
  • cooperating with staff in dealing with disciplinary issues,
  • attending school events,
  • encouraging their children to strive for excellence and to live with integrity.
  • Reinforcing that mistakes are pathways to learning and providing encouragement.

Parent Code of Conduct

Social Media
Social media is an effective way to spread the good news about the vibrant learning community at Toronto Adventist School. However, it should be noted that there are a several ethical and legal issues associated with content placed on these sites. Any posts about the school, staff, or students should be positive and helpful. Care should be taken when posting photos of students in school uniform as they are a reflection on the school. Permission of parents must be obtained before posting photos of students at school events on social media.

Toronto Adventist School values communication with families. Parents are encouraged to attend parent /teacher evenings to discuss their child’s progress. Additional interviews with teachers or the principal can be arranged by making appointments at the reception desk or speaking directly with staff.

Parents and Friends Association
Our Parents and Friends Association is a committee of parents and friends who support the function and administration of the school in a variety of ways.

The P&F Association:

  • Advances the cause of Christian education in the home and school.
  • Promotes a sense of community.
  • Raises funds to provide the school with additional facilities and
  • Assists the School with the running of special events.
  • Fosters understanding, appreciation and cooperation between
    teachers and parents.
  • Creates an environment where parents are comfortable in being part
    of the school community and sharing their needs and concerns.
  • Supports the School Advisory Council’s aims and objectives.

The Parents and Friends Association is organised at the beginning of each year. At least one meeting is held each term and school parents are welcome to attend.

Private School Bus Service 
Toronto Adventist School operates a daily bus service to and from: 

  • Cooranbong
  • Dora Creek

For further information about our bus service, please contact our Administration Office on 02 4959 5647.

Public School Bus Services
Hunter Valley Buses operates a bus service directly to Toronto Adventist School from a variety of areas in our local community.

For more information about the School Opal card which gives eligible students free or discounted travel between home and school please visit:

Private Music Tutors
Our school provides opportunities for students to participate in private music lessons including piano and ukulele tuition. Please contact our Administration Office on 02 4959 5647 for more information.